About the bee

BusyBee is a medium that was created in October 2008 in order to channel the creative output of a group of people.

Behind it are mainly IT professionals but also copywriters, graphic designers and other creative people.

Our goal is to provide services that are above all innovative and of the highest quality standard. We do not share the big company mentality that treats each customer as a number, instead we see each project as an opportunity to be creative and forge a lasting bond with each customer.

Profit is not our priority, quality is instead. We want to be able to share our knowledge and creativity with likeminded people.

We chose English as the language for this page as we aim at reaching the biggest audience possible.

About this site

This site serves as an online portfolio and meeting point and also as a portal to our other sites that include: a blog an emag and soon many others.

This is v.1.0 of the site and it includes the following:
our online web portfolio.
our services.

On the left side are links to the following:
emag(under construction)
facebook page
twitter page

Thank you for visiting, enjoy.